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  • RE: Declaration of Asbestos Free Products

    To all concerned,

    This document serves as a Declaration and Confirmation from the Supplier, Tubelite Inc., Walker, MI, that no asbestos material or components containing asbestos are used in the manufacturing of any of Tubelite Inc. product.

    This information is based upon information provided by all our manufacturing partners, suppliers of components, materials, and subassemblies used to manufacture the Tubelite Inc. product line.

    According to the requirements for suppliers to provide an Asbestos Free Declaration, this document is submitted per the specifications for the following project:

  • Best regards,

    Gerard Schoeb
    Structural and Application Engineering Supervisor
    (616) 808-2531 Direct

    Disclaimer: The subject of this document is intended to address common generic conditions or situations. It cannot address every aspect of a given installation or environment. Site specific conditions which may affect the content of this document should be addressed on a case by case basis.

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