Tubelite’s tie-rod doors are built for easy modification and repair — all without compromising durability and longevity. Pat Neyhart, vice president of Wooster Glass Co., has worked with the company for 40+ years and knows of several Tubelite doors in Wooster, Ohio that have performed for decades.

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The tie-rod doors installed at the Wayne Savings Bank in 1964 remain in operation today, thanks to their durability and adaptable construction. Neyhart says, “Those are the original doors for the bank. We’ve never taken it off or had to replace a tie rod or anything. I cannot remember having anybody go up there to service that door.”

The retail location at 116 East Liberty Street has had many lives during its past 40 years, but like the bank, only one set of doors. Several years ago, Neyhart remembers adding a panic bar exit device on one door. He explains that it was a fairly simple modification: “You take the two tie rods off and replace the rails. You can disassemble the tie rods manually, without power tools, and do it right in the field.” Image of video cover page

Watch a video showing how tie-rod doors can be serviced and replaced with ease.

“Tie rod definitely has its advantages,” confirms Neyhart. “We prefer to use Tubelite because of the adaptability.”

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