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Why is there condensation on my pool area doors?

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  • RE: Why is there condensation on my pool area doors?

    To all concerned,

    The humidity level is typically quite high in a pool area (natatorium), and consequently, condensation on doors, windows, storefront and other systems should be expected in months with colder temperatures.

    The factors determining the occurrence of condensation are: outside temperature, inside temperature, interior relative humidity, and the condensation resistance factor (CRF) rating of the system.

    Thermal doors are recommended for improved condensation resistance. During the cold months of winter, even a thermal door may experience condensation in a natatorium.

    The best approach to improve condensation on pool area doors is to try to reduce the humidity as much as possible.

    Best regards,

    Gerard Schoeb
    Structural and Application Engineering Supervisor
    (616) 808-2531 Direct /

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