Supporting green design and construction objectives, Max/Block™ sun shades by Tubelite® maximize daylighting and minimize solar heat gain.

The aluminum used to produce Max/Block sun shades can be extruded by Tubelite using EcoLuminum™, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition with eco-friendly, durable finishes. These benefits also are key criteria for projects pursuing certification through the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Rating Systems.

“Sun shades help significantly lower buildings’ cooling costs and energy use, while still letting natural light fill the workspace,” says Mary Olivier, Tubelite’s marketing manager. “Max/Block sun shades are easy-to-install, aesthetically-and structurally-compatible with Tubelite’s curtainwall and storefront systems. They work especially well with Tubelite’s systems on low- to mid-rise buildings such schools, medical clinics and neighborhood offices.”

Complementing buildings’ designs, Max/Block sun shades are available in airfoil, Z-blade and tubular architectural profiles. Each outrigger type can be extended from the building in various projection lengths to provide the desired performance. Blades are attached to the outriggers using simple screw spline connections. The easy-to-install, patent-pending, detachable, mounting bracket fastens at the pressure plate area and allows for the removal of the sun shades’ individual sections for re-glazing applications.

Protecting and accentuating Tubelite’s aluminum products’ painted finishes are applied and controlled in an environmentally effective manner. Enhancing the natural, metallic appearance, eco-friendly anodize finishes send 90 percent less waste to landfills than traditional anodizing processes and ensure low-maintenance durability.



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