Tubelite has released a new product line of thermally broken doors and frames. The door and frame utilize an “I” shaped thermal strut reinforced with 25% nylon fiber to provide superior CRF of 56 and Uc of 0.65. Each assembled extrusion must pass a shear test of 1000 lb minimum. The doors have a Medium stile dimension of 4″ with a 4″ top rail and a 10″ bottom rail as standard. There are options for a 4″ mid-rail and rabbet stiles for continuous hinge application. The meeting stile on a pair of doors includes our improved adjustable astragal and standard weathering.

The thermal frame is similar to Tubelite’s 14000 series storefront with a 2″ face and 4-1/2″ depth. This new line can be ordered with our standard and custom, anodized and paint colors.

Details and instructions can be viewed here.