Project - Arlington Falls - Columbus, OH - Storefront

Arlington Falls, Columbus OH; Featuring Tubelite storefront finished in Champagne Anodize

When we talk about anodized aluminum framing for curtainwall, storefronts, windows, and doors, most people imagine a clear anodize that highlights the natural metallic appearance. A few may think of trending black and dark bronze tones, or the unique, rich copper and earthy Bordeaux colors. But what about lighter tones?

Champagne, light bronze and medium bronze anodize have been industry standard anodize colors for decades. These are especially popular when paired with brick, concrete and other masonry, such as with low-rise office buildings, schools, medical facilities, and historic renovation projects.

A light metallic anodize also provides contrast with dark tinted glass. This can add visual interest and distinction to an otherwise simple exterior.

Durability and longevity are the key reasons why anodize is specified instead of painted coatings. Seventy percent PVDF resin-based coating systems that meet AAMA 2605 are the highest performance painted coatings for architectural aluminum products. However, if scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and a low-maintenance, long lifespan are your project’s top concerns, then anodize finishes specified to meet AAMA 611 typically will provide even higher, more dependable performance. The hardness of the anodized aluminum surface is comparable to a sapphire, which is second to diamonds as hardest substance on Earth.

Both differences in aluminum alloy composition and the anodize process and chemistry can cause variation in the finish’s appearance. Color variations on architectural aluminum products can be annoying, embarrassing and concerning. No one wants to be in the field and discover that the color precisely selected for your project looks inconsistent from piece to piece or elevation to elevation. At Tubelite, we take every precaution to ensure your anodized aluminum has the tightest color range in the industry.

Champagne Anodize Range Samples

Utilizing Linetec as our finisher, our companies have continuously improved the science of anodizing to achieve beautiful, consistent, and reliable results to deliver the hard, durable finish you expect. Throughout the entire anodizing process, your material is closely monitored by both a computerized system and experienced personnel. A quality control associate conducts visual checks to make sure your anodized aluminum is free of flaws and that the finished material falls within the acceptable color range.

We physically test your anodized material to check the finish thickness and to ensure the quality meets or exceeds AAMA 611 Class I industry standards. Anodize finishes that meet AAMA 611 will not differ in color by more than 5 Delta E. With Tubelite, this often falls within a much narrower range from 1 to 3 Delta E.

With lighter colors of anodize, such as Champagne Anodize, the range of variation may be more noticeable. We want to be certain that the color range not only is acceptable per the industry standard, but also for you and your customer. We can provide you with a sample to illustrate the light and dark extremes of your finished products.

Minimizing the opportunity for color variation from start to finish, we can help you achieve the desired metallic tone for your project.

For personalized assistance with your anodize selections or other finishing service needs, please contact your local representative.