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Tubelite Therml=Block is a full line of high performance thermal framing that provides superior insulation through improved thermal breaks and air baffles.

TU24000 Series
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The TU24000 Series Storefront framing has the same 2″ x 4-1/2″ profile as the T14000 system, and offers standard screw spline or shear block connections.

TU24650 Series
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Tubelite’s dual thermally broken storefront line has been expanded and enhanced with the addition of TU24650 Series 2″ x 6-1/2″.

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Therml=Block Entrances
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Tubelite Therml=Block Entrances are designed using the same durable components as our Standard Entrances with the additional benefit of strut thermal barriers for enhanced thermal performance.

TerraPorte 7600
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The Therml=Block TerraPorte 7600 Series Out-swing and In-swing architectural terrace doors are ideal for mid-rise residential projects, condominiums, and hotels.

400SS Screw Spline
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THerml=Block 400SS Series Screw Spine Curtainwall thermally broken curtainwall has been designed to reduce fabrication and installation labor while meeting or exceeding today’s stringent energy codes.

400TU Series
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The Therml=Block 400TU is Tubelite’s highest thermally broken curtainwall product, and has been designed to meet or exceed today’s stringent energy codes.

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Tubelite’s 900RW Series offers solutions for between slab window wall applications.

300ES Series
Curtainwall Brochure

Tubelite 300ES Curtainwall Series framing is designed for superior thermal performance.

Phantom Vent 5000
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Projecting Operable Window. Discreet operable Zero sight line window. Available in awning and casement. For use in curtainwall, fixed window systems or storefronts.